It was said Dale Edgar knew a thing or two about nearly everything—and nearly everything about a thing or two, namely: healthy recipes for you and your animals. His recipes were often innovative and occasionally unconventional—but always practical and effective. We’re proud to bring Dale Edgar Brand products to those who truly care about their health and nutrition and the health and nutrition of their pets.


Calm K9 Wafers

Dogs get anxious for a variety of reasons.   Dale Edgar knew that having a stressed out pet is...well, stressful.   That's why he formulated alcohol-free Calm K9 with Chamomile.  Dale Edgar's Calm K9 includes Ginger which soothes your dog's tummy during travel.   Whether it's separation anxiety, trips to the groomer, traveling, thunderstorms or fireworks, Calm K9 is formulated to naturally calm your pet so they can worry about what's really important... like what's for dinner! 

Hip & Joint K9 Wafers

Hip & Joint K9 wafers are formulated to support your dog’s hip & joint function...Learn More